Your Stay

Put up in our home. A far cry from urban sophistication and luxury, we do not have facilities available in hotels. We do have clean toilets, fresh sheets, warm blankets, and an overall sense of coming back to the roots. The valleys, hillocks, brooks and rivulets makes Simultala a complete place for nature lovers. The rural life around you and looking at the sky full of stars is an added attraction.

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    per person per day( food + lodging )


a walk

Walk for 100 metres from the cottage and you will find the valleys and the mesmerisng view of the hills. The bungalow of Shri B.N. Sarkar (the owner of the film company "New Theaters") is just a minutes walk from Choopkatha.

make local

Dont forget to visit the local bazaar. Chat with the locals with a cup of tea to explore the hidden stories of Simultala.


Sit in the balcony of Choopkatha and allow the fresh air to penetrate your sense while you revel in some me-time or simply meditate!


Chhanna-Murki is very famous and delicious sweet. Other than this, Gulab Jaamun, Bundiya, Nimaki, Ganthiya are good as snack and sweets. Kachaudi and Jalebi is a stapled breakfast .


Being located on the Chota Nagpur Plateau, the place is full of undulating lands and hillocks. You can visit the neighbouring places like Haldi Jharna, Soikitia, Lattu Pahar, Raja Bari, Dharara, etc.


The driving distance between
Kolkata and Simultala is 399 km,
while by train it is 348 Km.


Simultala is a small station on the
Delhi-Patna-Howrah Raliway route around
19 kms from Jhajha, 25 kms from Jasidih
and 30 kms from Deoghar.

how to reach

The major trains that stops at Simultala are:
  • BAGH EXPRESS - 13019
  • U ABHATOOFAN EXP - 13007
  • KOAA PNBE EXP - 13131
  • AMRITSAR EXP - 13049